On the outset, complexity and quantum science appear quite different. One commonly deals with networks of interacting systems on the macroscopic scale, while the describes matter at the quantum mechanical level.  Yet both fields seek to understand nature by studying how it fundamentally processes information. The interdisciplinary frontiers of quantum and complexity science workshop (IfQuCS) aims to explore this connection. Questions we ask include

  • How do information theoretic concepts  in complexity science generalize in a quantum world?
  • What ways does complexity behave differently in depending on classical or quantum observers?
  • How can we apply complexity science techniques to determine complexity of various quantum systems?
  • Can we find thermodynamic and operational consequences to concepts in complexity?
  • Can we development experiments that test cross-disciplinary ideas in quantum and complexity science?

Venue:  Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore
Date:  January 8th-12th, 2017
Organizers: Mile Gu, Vlatko Vedral, Jayne Thompson, Andrew Garner

Public Talk 7:00 pm Wednesday 11th of January at the Singapore Science center.
Howard Wiseman “Are we living in the Matrix” at the Singapore Science center. If you would like to attend the public talk, please register here.

Confirmed Speakers*

  • James Crutchfield
  • Howard Wiseman
  • Daniel Terno
  • Geoff Pryde
  • Otfried Guehne
  • Man-Hong Yung
  • John Mahoney
  • Adan Cabello
  • Chew Lock Yue
  • Dagomir Kaszlikowski
  • Kwek Leong Chuan
  • Cheong Siew Ann
  • Tomasz Paterek
  • Vlatko Vedral

* This list is currently incomplete.

Supported by: 

  • The John Templeton Foundation
  • The Lee Foundation
  • The Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
  • The Complexity Institute, Nanyang Technological University
  • The Quantum and Complexity Sciences Initiative, Nanyang Technological University
  • The Foundational Questions Institute
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