Abstract Submission

We welcome contributed works centred around themes that cross the boundaries and complexity and quantum science. Examples include:

  • Information theoretic foundations of complexity science.
  • Thermodynamics of classical and quantum information.
  • Quantum methods in complexity science.
  • Complexity quantifiers or measures of quantum systems.
  • Generalizations of complexity-theoretic concepts to the quantum regime.

Contributions do not need to be about published or completed research. We are mainly seeking new ideas; and welcome contributions that elicit the asking of interesting new cross-disciplinary questions. Contributions will be assessed primarily on potential cross-disciplinary interest to both quantum information and complexity theorists, and those deemed particular exciting will be selected for oral presentation.

Please include the following in your submission.

  • An abstract (No more than 350 words) – with emphasis on why it could be interesting to both quantum and complexity scientists.
  • The expected speaker
  • Reference ArXiv preprint/publication, or attached manuscript, where available.

Submission’s close on the 14th of November 2016, anywhere in the world time. Notification of result will be given on the 21st of November.